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Leagal Advice, Legal Documents, Legal Agreements - South Africa -

Net Lawman, a legal service provider providing best quality online legal documents, sample legal agreements, legal advice, legal contracts and legal help online. - Read more

Pasadena criminal attorney -

Pasadena criminal attorney - Read more

Las Vegas Defense Attorney -

The attorneys at law firm of Ciciliano & Associates, LLC are committed to defending the rights of Nevada residents facing criminal charges, criminal defense, civil litigation and appeals, drunk driving, traffic offenses, drug crimes, domestic violence, Juvenile charges, Federal crimes, white collar crimes, bad checks, burglary, violent crimes, sex crimes, weapons charges, probation violation and complex litigation. - Read more

Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney -

The law offices of Wescott Rowe, LLP undertakes a wide range of bankruptcy cases. It offers legal counsel to clients in cases related to non-payment of debts and loans. The firm also offers services related to unemployment, dwindling savings, and mortgages under chapter 7. In addition, it also helps to file petitions and motions against creditor?s harassment and wage garnishments. The firm focuses on lien stripping, foreclosures, and vehicle seizure cases. - Read more

Louisiana Attorneys -

Murphy Law Firm Personal Injury Trial is a team of trial lawyers offering a range of services in areas of personal injury law. The attorneys of the firm assist in providing resolution with insurance companies, opposing lawyers, and various corporations by means of negotiations, settlements, and trials. Its main areas of practice include 18 wheeler accidents, automobile accidents, railroad accidents, offshore and maritime, drunk driving, and others. - Read more

Columbus Divorce Attorney -

Attorney Amy M. Levine at her law firm Amy M. Levine & Associates provides expert legal advice in the cases related to family criminal and bankruptcy law. The key practice areas are divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, domestic violence, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, criminal defense, OVI/DWI, drunk driving defense, traffic violation, juvenile law, sex crimes, drug crimes. The law firm also offers initial consultation with no cost. - Read more

Vancouver WA Bankruptcy -

news and information about bankruptcy in vancouver, washington - Read more

NC Personal Injury Attorney -

Based at Charlotte, North Carolina, Warren & Kallianos serves legal guidance in the area of wrongful death, workers compensation, personal injury, medical negligence, nursing home neglect, products liability and the like. The law firm understands the burdens faced by those who have been injured by the negligence of others and the need to obtain the maximum compensation for those victims and their family members. - Read more

Connecticut Attorneys -

Located at Washington Depot, Connecticut, Attorney Barrie L. Goldstein, LLC offers expert legal help in the area of federal litigation, civil rights, business litigation, employment law, family law, commercial litigation, insurance law and the like. After litigating commercial litigation cases in the private sector with a New York City law firm, attorney served 13 years in the New York Attorney General office as Special Litigation Counsel. - Read more

Austin Defense Lawyer -

Based at Austin, Texas, the law firm Calamia Law Firm, PLLC offers expert legal help in the area of family law, personal injury, immigration law, drug possession, criminal defense, insurance claims, business visa and the like. Attorney is a trial lawyer with extensive experience protecting his clients rights before judges and juries and provides his clients with the guidance they need to make informed decisions about their cases. - Read more

Animal Rights Lawyer -

Based at Wheat Ridge, Colorado, the law firm Madeline Lia Duncan, P.C. offers expert legal help in the area of business law, landlord and tenant, animal rights law, debtor and creditor law, creditor collections and the like. Attorney has bar memberships of Colorado in 1981, Oklahoma in 1979 and U.S. District Court District of Colorado in 1981 and he has prided himself on forming partnerships with their clients where they work together to serve their legal needs. - Read more

Wisconsin Defense Attorney -

Robert F. Sfasciotti is a law firm that offers a range of services and legal advice for family law, criminal law, and various other issues. It handles the issues related to or arising out of divorce, such as child custody and placement, child support, maintenance, and marital property division. The law firm also handles criminal defense matters including misdemeanors or felonies, DUI and traffic violations, drugs, sex crimes, and white collar crimes. - Read more

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer -

The Callahan Law Firm is a team of defense lawyers offering legal assistance and help in various areas of personal injury law. The law firm deals in various issues such as personal injury and wrongful death, truck driver negligence, trucking accidents through equipment failures, and drunk driving accidents. It also handles the issues like bicycle accidents, defective products, auto defects, unsafe drugs, and industrial workplace injuries. - Read more

CA Estate Planning Attorney -

Over 30 years of experience, Barbara J. Dibble, Attorney at Law serves legal advice to their clients in the area related to power of attorney, business formation, estate planning, probate, wills & trusts, trust administration and the like. After 11 years, attorney went to law school and worked in general corporate and contract law, focusing on the formation and regulation of health care corporations. - Read more

Pennsylvania Divorce Attorney -

Attorney Beth Hoffman, at law firm Hoffman Turner & Associates based in Media, Pennsylvania, offers experience legal advice in the cases related to family law. The key practice areas are divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, modification, adoption, alimony, property division, grandparent visitation, legal separation, domestic violence, annulment etc. The firm also provides initial consultation with no cost. - Read more

FL Estate Attorney -

The Law Offices of Mitchell A. Sherman, P.A. has been representing clients in a number of matters related to law. The major focus areas of the firm are divorce, estate planning and probate, and real estate and business law. It also deals with other issues like legal separation, contested and uncontested divorce, and division of assets and debt. The law firm has its office in Boynton Beach, Florida and serves throughout the state. - Read more

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney -

At Worcester, Massachusetts, Cronin Law Firm serves legal advice to their clients in the area related to civil litigation, drug possession, federal crimes, white collar crimes, criminal defense, motor vehicle crimes, property crimes and the like. Attorney has been certified by the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) to provide criminal defense for serious Rule 8 felonies in the Superior Court and District Court. - Read more

Massachusetts Bankruptcy Attorney -

Attorneys at law firm John-Paul LaPre, provides legal help to the client in their bankruptcy and family law cases. The key practice areas are consumer bankruptcy, foreclosure, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, legal malpractice, divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, modification, alimony, property division and the like. The firm also provides initial consultation with no cost. - Read more

Florida Immigration Attorney -

At Florida, Weiss, Alden & Polo, P.A. serves legal advice to their clients in the area related to citizenship, naturalization, child support, green card, immigration law, driving under the influence, work visa and the like. The law firm can help their clients make sure that they are in compliance with Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor rules and regulations to avoid substantial non-compliance sanctions and penalties. - Read more

Bergen County Attorney -

Attorney Christopher J. Metcalfe, at his law office, Christopher J. Metcalfe, LLC, advise and represent clients in a range of legal areas like arbitration for healthcare professionals and providers, the arbitration process, decision point review requirements, workers' compensation, Auto Accidents and the like. Law Office of Christopher J. Metcalfe, LLC will take the time to understand your legal issues, your values and your goals. - Read more

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