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Industrial Revolution -

The emergence of modern industrialism in Britain, Japan, continental Europe and the United States has come to be known as the Industrial Revolution. - Read more

American Revolution -

The American Revolutionary War occurred in the late 18th century, after England's 13 American colonies declared their independence from the mother country. Learn about the causes, campaigns and outcome of the American Revolution. - Read more

World War One -

This site features information about World War I, which lasted from 1914 to 1918 and involved most of the world's superpowers. - Read more

Office Holidays -

Lists important national and public holidays around the world in a calendar format. All featured holidays have detailed background information. - Read more

History Directory - US World & Ancient History Resource Directory -

History Directory aims to provide the online information resource about the past history and the happening of centuries ago including age of discovery, feudalism, pirates, wars of nineteenth century, eighteenth century events, twentieth century and lot more for you to surf. - Read more

Benito Mussolini -

A site dedicated to the late fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, with a full biography, photos, and .pdf documents. - Read more

Discover Finland,Land of a Thousand Lakes -

A British Expatriate Blog In Helsinki Offer Finland Blog Updates On Finland News, Finland History, Finland Culture, Finland Lifestyle, Finnish People, Finland People, British Blog Diary,Expatriate Communities,Sights and Places to Visit And More. - Read more

United Kingdom Guide -

A Complete guide on United Kingdom (UK) geography, maps, places to see, attraction. Culture, history, business and travel & tourism - Read more

Interesting History -

Interesting history myths, facts, and more. Were you aware that Paul Revere wasn't the only one to make the famous ride to warn the colonialists and in fact didn't even complete the trip? Read about that and much more at - Read more

2012 Mayan Prophecies -

The Mayan calendar has become well known world wide for it's accuracy. Perhaps, this is why the 2012 Mayan calendar has people up in arms about the impending doom of the world. Learn what to expect, how to prepare and what the Mayan's are saying about it. - Read more

Kosovo is Serbia -

The amputation of Serbia, a sovereign country, by US sponsored Muslim terrorists. This book exposes the media lies, deceptions and sinful omission journalism that supported the CIA and State Department and hoodwinked the American people. - Read more

Sidney Ohio Guidance -

Take in the destinations of All- American City, Sidney Ohio from the historic downtown courtsquare, the Monumental Building, and Louis Sullivan’s ‘jewel bank,’ Peoples Federal Savings and Loan, to the covered bridge and Big Rock in Tawawa Park. - Read more

Aces of Luftwaffe -

Aces of Luftwaffe – View massive collection of Luftwaffe fighter aces movies and other World War Two aviation videos here at - Read more

History of Russian village -

The history of small village in Kaluga region, Russia - Read more

History of Womens Rights -

Alice Hawkins website details the history of the fight for womens rights to vote. Alice Hawkins the famous Suffragette was jailed many times for protesting and speaking out about women having the right to vote. - Read more

Ancient Civilizations History -

Information, pictures and in depth view of Ancient Civilizations as they were thousands of years ago: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and China. Governments, economy, people, religions and famous rulers of the past. - Read more

Criminal defense attorney Orlando -

Our criminal defense attorney Orlando Law Firms have represented thousands of individuals singled out during criminal investigations and charged with all levels of crimes.if you want to know the details please visit our website. - Read more

Start Up Business Grants Australian Government -

Most grants are a limited time, if you are really looking for small businesses, grants or donations from media team in the Northern Territory in Australia, then choose governmentgrantsaustralia. It is a gateway to provide information on grants Queensland. - Read more

Value My Stuff, Antique Prices -

Find out the stamps value and the coins value of antiques with our antiques valuations service. Our Antique Valuers will give you up to the minute antique prices, useful to have for you when you're selling antiques. - Read more

HunzaNagar website -

mother of mountains travel website tourist information glaciers valley nagar hunza water lake paradise education health photos images pictures visit to hunzanagar my birth place welcome to food fruit desi pakistan gilgit baltistan treking treks road karakorum karakurum himalaya karimabad sumayar summayar sumair nager gems minerals gemstones - Read more

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